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Dave’s Video Tip Of The Week

More Media Coaching Videos
“At Bacardi we brought Dave in to deliver high impact strategies to elevate our presentation skills and boost our overall confidence.  He helped our group feel ready to take on the next big presentation.  We highly recommend Dave!”
– ELIZABETH COSTA de RUSCH, Advocacy Director Bacardi USA

Find Your Voice: 


hether you’re speaking to thousands of people, sitting on a panel, appearing on live TV, or pursuing a broadcasting career, Dave will help you (and your company) own the room. He’ll teach you to:

  • craft your message
  • prepare appropriately
  • maintain your poise
  • harness your anxiety
  • be a masterful storyteller

With Dave’s guidance, you’ll learn to LOVE performing. Read More

Dave can travel throughout the U.S., conduct the sessions virtually, or you can visit him at his office at the 110 Tower in Ft. Lauderdale. He’s also available on retainer.

Here are testimonials from his October, 2019 Public Speaking & Media Training Boot Camp:


Business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs, Dave wants to work with YOU! Through one-on-one performance intensive sessions, Dave will teach you to be:

  • a captivating public speaker
  • an expert communicator
  • a powerful panelist
  • a dynamic guest on television
  • a social media star

You’ll learn vital skills to help you master your nerves, deliver your message with passion and conviction, be engaging on camera, and so much more. Schedule your free consultation to grow your brand .


Whether it’s your C-Suite Leadership, your sales and marketing teams, or your entire company, Dave will mold his training specifically to your team’s needs. Corporate training with Dave includes:

  • an interactive group session, covering dynamic communication strategy
  • 1-on-1 performance intensive sessions, focusing on individual objectives
  • a final performance intensive group session
  • notes and video clips for each team member

Schedule your free consultation to boost your team’s performance.


Whether you’re delivering a keynote address, speaking at a corporate function, or you’re part of an industry panel, Dave’s public speaking coaching will empower you to deliver an incredible and memorable presentation. Dave will cover:

  • speechwriting
  • storytelling
  • confidence
  • eye contact
  • movement
  • vocal inflection

Schedule your free consultation to bring the house down with your next speech.


If you are an aspiring TV host or video blogger, or a professional broadcaster looking to improve, Dave can help. He’ll use his 20 years of TV hosting experience to mold you into a captivating performer through performance intensive sessions. Techniques include:

  • finding your voice
  • connecting with your audience
  • becoming an expert interviewer
  • handling challenges with poise
  • demo reels and auditioning

Schedule your free consultation to become an on camera rock star.


Whether your dream is to give an epic talk, command the room as a keynote speaker, or bring everyone to tears with your wedding toast, it all starts with the words! Dave’s written numerous speeches for his clients (including TEDx Talks) and guided them from start to finish.

He can help you:

  • narrow down your idea
  • position it from a unique angle
  • bring your words to life
  • be a dynamic storyteller

Schedule your free consultation to create a legendary speech.


Strong communication skills are vital to successful interactions and can improve self-confidence. Whether it’s a job interview, a networking event, or an everyday interaction, Dave’s performance intensive program will empower you to own the room.

Dave will focus on:

  • storytelling
  • vocal inflection
  • shedding verbal crutches
  • being an active listener

Schedule your free consultation to become a master communicator.


Companies are increasingly conducting business via video conferencing. There is definitely an art to being a great presenter in that platform. Dave will help you with:

  • aesthetics
  • lighting and camera position
  • energy and poise
  • connecting with your audience

He’ll even work with you on how to create cheat sheets, and the best way to steal glances at them without breaking eye contact with the camera.

Schedule your free consultation to radiate presence through the lens.


Starting a business can be daunting. Not only do you have to create and manage your company, you also need to promote it. Through performance intensive sessions, Dave will help you:

  • write your elevator pitch
  • deliver it with confidence
  • identify your differentiators
  • crush your media appearances

Schedule your free consultation to tell the world about your business.


To be a good salesperson, you MUST be a strong communicator. Dave will work with you (and your team) to prepare more diligently, listen more closely, and speak more clearly. Dave’s training will focus on:

  • preparing effectively
  • active listening
  • objection handling
  • speaking concisely and with empathy

Schedule a free consultation to become a sales dynamo.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or you’re fresh out of college, job interviews can be intimidating. Through performance intensive sessions, Dave will help you:

  • speak concisely
  • shed verbal crutches
  • turn weaknesses to strengths
  • be an active listener

Schedule a free consultation to land that dream job.


If your child needs to ace their entrance interview, Dave is here to help. He’ll conduct a series of mock interviews, drawing from a large sample of questions. Dave will help your child:

  • overcome insecurity
  • communicate powerfully
  • use eye contact and hand gestures
  • conquer verbal crutches

Schedule your free consultation to ace your next interview.