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Is your fear of public speaking preventing you from growing your brand? Do you struggle with storytelling and can’t seem to connect with your audience? If so, it’s time for you to become an ELITE presenter.

Communications expert Dave Aizer shares his dynamic platform based on his 20-year career as a TV host, an inspirational speaker, and a public speaking and media trainer. Dave’s hosted shows for The CW, CBS, FOX Sports, Nickelodeon, and more, and has compiled thousands of hours on camera and on stage. His communication philosophy is called “The Three P’s – Preparation, Poise, and Performance” and Dave provides actionable techniques so you can master each stage.

From keynote speaking; to panels; to TV segments, social media videos, job interviews, and more, Dave has you covered. Get ready to become a masterful presenter and own the room every single time! To purchase this book, click here.



“I first went to Dave Aizer as green as they come. I was just launching my own business and was a nervous wreck in front of the camera. Dave immediately put me at ease, helped me focus on my strengths, and provided guidance on how to improve my message and delivery. Now I feel completely confident in front of the camera. Thank you for creating a media monster in me, Dave!”

Nikki Levine – Founder, Nikki Wellness.com


“A Hypochondriac’s Guide To Beating Cancer” is Dave’s memoir about the highs, lows and neurotic meltdowns of his battle with stage 3 melanoma. It will make you laugh, make you cry and probably make you call your doctor.

Dave’s goal with this book is to bring you joy (even if it’s at Dave’s expense), give you hope and let you know it’s okay to be scared, angry and irrational if you’re going through a crisis. Think of this as your “permission slip” book. Your guide to own your feelings, whatever they may be.

“A Hypochondriac’s Guide To Beating Cancer” reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list across multiple categories. To purchase this book, click here.



“Being a cancer survivor myself, I deeply appreciated David’s perspective. His openness, honesty, and authenticity about the things a person thinks about before, during and after being diagnosed with cancer are so true. I LOVED his sense of humor as he described his journey. I believe that David’s story and personality are exactly what’s needed to give people hope and healing for themselves and their families.”

Willard Barth, Author – “The Anatomy of Transformation,” Keynote Speaker, Executive Business Consultant & Transformation Expert



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