Do NOT Look At Yourself

Video conferencing is all the rage these days. And many of you have embraced it, albeit reluctantly. Here’s one tip that will up your game when it comes to this type of communication. Resist the temptation to look at yourself … especially when you’re talking.

When someone else is speaking, if you need to steal a quick glance to check out your appearance, go for it. But, then return your attentions to them. After all, how can you be fully present or able to engage in an active dialogue if you aren’t focused on the person talking to you?

Then, when it’s your turn to speak, keep your eyes locked on that camera. First of all, it’s the most powerful and engaging way to present information. It comes across on the other users’ computer screens as dynamic storytelling, which is always the goal.

Plus, looking at yourself WHILE you speak can lead to self-consciousness. You may become hyper aware of your mannerisms and that will affect your performance, and before you know it you’re rambling and hoping for a power outage. And that’s not good. I’ve seen speakers become overly self-aware and suddenly that’s all they can focus on: “Why am I doing that with my hands?”, “Does this shirt make me look fat?”, “Oh man, I need to get a haircut!” These are clearly NOT helpful.

Trust yourself that you look and sound great. Stay locked in with your messaging and delivery and that will provide a massive boost to your video conference game.

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Have a great day!


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