Be Grand, Not Bland

You know how they have a “holiday” for everything? Well, believe it or not, they have one for Melba toast. March 23rd is National Melba Toast day, so get out there and take a bite of the boring, drab cracker to celebrate.

And, in honor of that day, it’s a great reminder NOT to be boring or drab when you perform on stage or on camera. No matter how much jelly or honey you try to add to a mostly bland performance, when it’s all said and done it’s still a bland performance.

So, how do you be more dynamic? Well, first of all you need to write exciting material. Use personal stories, anecdotes, famous quotes, interesting statistics; things that will be memorable. Make sure the information you deliver will make an imprint on your audience. Tell them something they’ve never heard or conceptualized before. Be a thought leader in your field of expertise.

Then, bring all that great information to life. Be energetic, passionate, and proud when you grab that microphone. Make people laugh or cry; stir up a range of emotions. Your audience will only be as excited about your material as you are, so when you deliver it focus on being immersed in the storytelling! Give it your all because that makes all the difference when it comes to being memorable.

Think about it like this:  you want to be an ice cream sundae, not Melba toast.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a powerful public speaker, just reach out to me here.

Have a great day!


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