Envision A Successful Outcome

Public speaking, in all its forms, can be tough. One of the reasons people struggle is because they anticipate failure; or, at the very least, they don’t anticipate success. It’s very hard to have a successful speaking engagement if you don’t envision it going well. One way to flip that script is to already have your celebration planned.

Before you set foot on that stage or that TV set, picture where you’re going to celebrate when it’s over. If it’s your favorite restaurant go ahead and make that reservation, and think about that glass of wine you’ll be enjoying. If there’s a concert that night, or a ballgame you want to go to, buy that ticket NOW because you know for a fact you’ll be in the mood to celebrate. Call your friends and make some plans before you give your TV interview; after you’ve nailed it you will have earned a night out on the town!

Implementing this behavior, along with positive self-talk and the right amount of preparation and rehearsal will help you be more excited about your upcoming speaking engagement and more optimistic about its success. Plus, if you trip up or make a mistake during your performance, and a moment of self-doubt creeps in, visualizing your celebration is a quick way to bring you back to center and reset your mojo.

And that when all these elements work together for you, your celebration afterwards will be really special.

If you’d like to learn more about harnessing your anxiety and becoming a more confident public speaker, just reach out to me here.

Have a great day!


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