When Hosting, Think “Pass First”

Here’s a tip for all you hosts; that includes TV, radio, panels, and podcasts. When you’re interviewing somebody, most of the time THEY are the star of the segment, not you. Too many hosts try to make interviews about them: constantly interrupting the guest, injecting themselves into each story, and not really listening when the guest is talking.

As an interviewer think of yourself as a point guard – you are there to help the guest score. When you have the ball (aka the microphone), you shouldn’t be looking to launch a three-pointer or take on the entire defense. Your goal is to make a great pass and set your guest up for an easy basket. If you want that pass to have some flair, that’s cool. Who doesn’t love a behind the back pass, or a no-look pass? You can ask a fun, flashy question as long as it results in your guest nailing the shot and getting the glory.

If you have ten assists and they have ten slam dunks, great job; that’s some quality hosting. And the good news is, along the way you’ll probably have some points as well. There’s enough love, and enough opportunities to go around for everyone. But your primary goal is to think “pass first” and set your guest up for success. Keep that in mind and you’ll be an all-pro!

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Have a great day!


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