Keep Punching Throughout

As you might have heard it’s crucial to start your speech strong. A quote, a joke, a question to the audience … these are dynamic ways to get the room on your side.  But, it is equally important to stay engaged and interactive. I’ve seen too many good speeches fall apart because, after a strong start, the speaker disengages from the room and just reads content off a bunch of slides.

You must keep your energy, your storytelling and your performance level up the entire presentation. The enthusiasm you brought with you to the stage has to be on display from beginning to end. Sure, you may get tired, but like any great athlete you need to find that next level and elevate your game.

Move around the stage a bit, to add another level of connection. Ask the audience more questions. Find another point in your speech to interject humor or wit. Keep looking for ways to make the middle and end of your speech as compelling as the beginning. Just because you have the audience in the palm of your hand at the start doesn’t mean they’re going to unconditionally stay there throughout. You need to keep winning their approval.

Stay locked in the entire time. If you do this well, you’ll be tired when your speech is over; but that’s a good feeling. It means you brought your “A” game. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to recover over a celebratory meal and drinks later.

Remember, it’s a 15-round fight, and every round matters. Be Rocky Balboa out there!

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Have a great day!


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