Move To Conquer Your Nerves

If you’re giving a speech and you’re nervous one good way to shed some of that energy is by moving around and using the space. Just by walking around the stage you’ll give your nervous energy something to do and someplace to go. So, ditch that podium and own the stage.

But, you can’t just move for the sake of moving. Be mindful not to pace side to side or back and forth, as that is unsettling and distracting. I’m talking about controlled movements that correspond to the dramatic beats of your presentation. For example. walk to the right of the stage as you’re setting up a story, then land on a spot to drive the story home and deliver the most compelling information. Stay there until the story is done. Then walk to the left as you verbally transition to another dramatic story and land on a new spot to drive that story home. Play around with this until it feels natural to you.

Move, but move with purpose and intention. It’s a great way to connect with the entire audience, and it will help relax you. It’s perfect for keynote speeches, corporate presentations and more. Have fun, lean into your nerves and use the space to your advantage!

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Have a great day!


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