Put It In Your Words

If you’re a TV host, a public speaker or an executive shooting a corporate video or commercial, this one’s for you. When you get the script, read it over and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t feel authentic. You can’t go changing every word of somebody else’s script but, whenever possible, try to make the script your own.

Chances are the writer wrote the script the way they wrote it for a reason. But you’re the one saying the words, so make sure you own the material. It’s crucial to your performance as a convincing, compelling storyteller. Speak with the writer and ask if you can change a word that’s bothering you, or phrase something differently. As long as you’re professional and respectful about it, I’m sure the writer will be as well. Don’t think that you have no say in what you’re saying. Everybody involved in the production should have the same goal: which is a great finished product. And the best way to get there is to maximize everyone’s strengths.

If you can add value by tweaking the language a bit and injecting your own personality into it, it’s certainly worth a discussion! If you’d like to chat more about working with a script, or even writing one, just contact me here.

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