Always Be Easy To Work With

Of all the things I can teach you as your Media and Public Speaking coach, this one requires the least amount of technique. In fact, everybody can do it right now. You ready … be easy to work with. That’s it. Be nice, be punctual, and whatever you do, don’t be high maintenance.

I cannot stress how important it is to be easy to work with on a TV set, or on stage as a speaker. I’ve seen over the years a number of very talented people lose TV hosting jobs or lucrative public speaking gigs because they are difficult. They show up late, they’re demanding, and they’re just generally unpleasant to be around. Why people behave like this, I don’t know. I will say that when you’re a successful performer there’s often a certain degree of recognition and prestige that goes along with it. If you’re not careful, that can easily get to your head.

Remember this, no matter how talented you are, there are other people who will take your spot for less money and maybe a better attitude. So be professional, and be polite to everyone on the crew. TV sets can be stressful, especially if it is live TV. Same thing for presentations. If producers and directors know they can count on you and you won’t add to their stress, they’ll be much more apt to hire you again.

Word of your reputation travels fast in this industry, so you might as well make it a great reputation. Being low maintenance can a have a high upside!

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