Learn About Them Before The Interview

This week’s tip is something that will give you an added edge when you are being interviewed on television, on a podcast, on the radio, or even by a newspaper reporter. Not only should the interviewer research you in advance, but YOU should research them!

Something as simple as mentioning you liked a recent story they did, or segment they hosted, will go a long way toward winning them over before the interview starts. And you want the host, or the reporter, on your side. As a host I can tell you I love it when a guest says to me that they enjoyed a segment I hosted. It tells me they’ve seen my show and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like their ego stroked.

Also, it gives you valuable intel as to the host’s interviewing style. Are they funny, do they ask difficult questions, will you be able to control the narrative? These are crucial bits of insight to have because they will give you a game plan as you prepare.

It’s especially important to research the reporter when it’s a newspaper or magazine interview and the reader can’t see or hear you and has to rely on the writer for all the details. You want to win that reporter over and establish a rapport between the two of you. This little move can pay big dividends and cause them to write a more flattering story about you, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it.

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