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Calling all business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and on-camera personalities!

If you speak at conferences, board meetings, and panels, or promote your business via television appearances and social media videos, and want to become a STRONGER PERFORMER, Dave Aizer’s Executive Media Training Boot Camp is an event you must attend!

Dave’s been a TV host and public speaker for over 20 years (having hosted shows for CBS, The CW, Nickelodeon, Fox Sports and more) and has logged thousands of hours on camera and on stage. Now, Dave brings his experience to you! In Dave’s performance-intensive four-hour workshop you’ll learn the crucial skills you need to become a dynamic, powerful and unforgettable presenter. These skills will enable you to grow your brand, gain a competitive edge and own the room, and will last you a lifetime.

Dave keeps the class size small so you’ll get multiple opportunities to present speeches, take part in mock TV interviews and more, with real-time feedback. Food is included, and after the boot camp, you’ll receive video clips of your work and personalized notes about your performances.

Here are some of the specific areas we’ll cover in the boot camp:

  • Writing a taut speech and crafting concise talking points.
  • Tailoring your message to your audience’s needs and goals.
  • Using your nerves to your advantage.
  • Setting yourself up for success, via positive self-talk and behavior.
  • Becoming a masterful storyteller.
  • Utilizing eye contact, posture and hand gestures effectively.
  • Presenting with appropriate energy and passion.
  • Connecting with the camera lens.
  • Owning the stage and TV studio.


  • Pre-event strategy session via phone.
  • Small class size.
  • Multiple performances.
  • Food is included.
  • Video clips of your work & personalized session notes, after the boot camp.
  • BONUS VALUE: one-on-one 30-minute coaching session with Dave, redeemable at any time.



SHIPPINGTickets are electronic and purchased online.

RETURN/REFUND POLICY: Tickets are non-refundable. If you can’t attend the Boot Camp, tickets can be transferred to two one-hour private coaching sessions with Dave.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All enrollments must be made online.  All workshops have a close time of midnight of the evening 3 days prior to the event.

After you purchase your ticket, Dave will send you an introductory email with more details.